History Of Our Church

The origins of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Englewood, New Jersey date back to 1957. It was that year that a vision given to the Reverend Williams Samuel was birthed. The Mount Calvary Baptist Church was born in the home of Rev. Samuel with Christ’s promise of its perpetuity as first pronounce in Matthew 16:18. Prior to following the lead of the Holy Spirit to organize Mount Calvary, Rev. Samuel served as the Pastor of the Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church in the Bronx, New York. Upon being directed to start the new church, Rev. Samuel permitted the Rev. E. Hall, Sr. a close ministerial friend, the honor of naming the church “Mount Calvary”. Thereafter, the church continued to meet in Rev. Samuel’s home until the first church building was secured at 1375 Boston Road, Bronx, New York.


Soon the church began experiencing numerical growth that exceeded the six family members who helped organize it (Rev. Williams, Nannie Samuel, Thomas Samuel, Joe Nathan Salmon and Zebedee and Elvira Samuel). As a result of such growth and the dwelling place of most of the members, Rev. Samuel was led to seek a new church home in New Jersey. By the providence of God in 1962, Mount Calvary purchased the seventh Day Adventist Church located at 181 Warren Street in Englewood.


After relocating in Englewood the church experienced incessant numerical and financial growth. Though Rev. Samuel, a carpenter by trade, constructed an addition to the building, the need for a new site was undeniable and inevitable. Consequently, god proved himself to be Jehovah Hire and allowed the pastor, officers and church attorney, Theodore Schwartz, to secure the present site located at 90 Demarest Avenue in Englewood. This beautiful stone structure constructed in the late 1800s, was formerly occupied by a Christian Reformed Church. Mount Calvary was blessed to march into this church building in September 1972 and burned the mortgage in the mid-1980s.


In 1989 tragedy struck the church with and indelible blow. God allowed the angel of death to retrieve the soul of the organizer and Pastor of Mount Calvary, Rev. William Samuel. Though the visionary had been taken the vision still remained. Mount Calvary did not fold under the gloom of grief. Rather she continued to “press toward the mark”.


In the latter portion of 1990, Mount Calvary extended a call to its new Pastor, the Reverend Michael J. Jordan of Newark, New Jersey. Rev. Jordan came in and seemed to take the mantle left by Rev. Samuel without missing a step towards the fulfillment of God’s vision for the church. This was manifested in additional holistic growth. Rev. Jordan was a powerful preacher. Under his leadership the church grew and progressed in many areas, the Sunday school and Music Department just to name a couple.


November of 1992, however brought a period of transition for Mount Calvary. Rev. Jordan was led of the Holy Spirit to start a new ministry work to the glory of God. Thus the church was without a Pastor as it entered the new year.


Realizing that a church without a Pastor is like the sheep without a shepherd, Mount Calvary hastened to seek God’s will concerning its next Pastor. On May 24, 1993, God’s will was clarified through the members by extending a call to the Reverend Claybon Lea, Jr. of Brooklyn, New York as its new Pastor.


Under Rev. Lea’s leadership, preaching and teaching the church experienced great spiritual growth. In April 1998, Rev. Lea was led to return to California to begin a new pastorate at his home church.


On August 18, 1998, the Mount Calvary family extended a call to the Reverend Vernon C. Walton of Hackensack, New Jersey as its fourth Pastor. Dr. Walton led The Mount into growth through dynamic preaching, teaching and community involvement. Under his leadership Mount Calvary made tremendous impact with Calvary Cares Inc., The Annual Back to School Block Party and numerous initiatives. After over 15 years of Pastoring at the Mount, in February of 2014, Dr. Walton accepted the call to serve the Frist Baptist Church of Vienna, Virginia.


In August of 2015, Mount Calvary received our fifth and current Pastor, the Rev. Eddie Spencer IV.


We give God thanks and praise for His steadfastness toward us. God has kept us for 60 years and we trust Him to keep us until Christ returns.


Therefore, our prayer is that God’s vision for Mount Calvary ever be fulfilled by the people as it is revealed through God’s anointed and appointed servant. The result of such will allow us to be that which we aspire, “A CHURCH COMMITED TO CHRIST AND HIS CAUSE” (James 1:22).

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Mt. Calvary Baptist Church is nestled in the heart of Englewood, NJ. Through out the week you can benefit from life-changing messages from our pastor or feast on living bread with our food pantry. We are committed to making a difference in the community and the world.

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